Click play on the video tutorial below that matches with your GRAB-N-GO kit.  We will be adding more videos when needed.

All supplies needed for the GRAB-N-GO classes are available at Ken's Garden Center.  They are prepackaged for you to pick-up!

January 2021  GRAB-N-GO

Microgreens  Make and take a tray full of planted microgreen seeds.  Microgreens grow fast, so you see them grow before your eyes.  All supplies are included.

January 2021  GRAB-N-GO  Microgreens

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January 2021 GRAB-N-GO Microgreens

March 2021  GRAB-N-GO

Hanging Strawberry Basket  Make and take a hanging strawberry basket. We know the best strawberries for hanging baskets and have plenty in stock! Everything you need is included.

March 2021 GRAB-N-GO Hanging Strawberry Baskets

February 2021  GRAB-N-GO

Valentines Topiary -  Make and take a topiary with Ivy.  Your live topiary will continue to grow and fill in over time.   All supplies are included.

Video is Coming Soon

February 2021 - GRAB-N-GO Topiary

March 2021  GRAB-N-GO

Trio Planter - Herb or Flowers

Create your very own herb or flower garden.  Tri-level planting container, soil and the herbs or flower colors of your choice are included.  Indicate your herb choices or flower colors when you order.

March 2021 GRAB-N-GO Trio Basket

March  2021    GRAB-N-GO

Color or Spice Spot  Create a basket full of color or spice with your own planting container of herbs or flowers .  Container, plants, soil and fertilizer are included for you to create your very own beautiful color spot basket!

April 2021    GRAB-N-GO

Hanging Baskets -  Learn how to plant flower starters in a hanging basket.  Pot, soil, fertilizer, and plants are included for your hanging basket creation.

March 2021 GRAB-N-GO Container Planting
April 2021 GRAB-N-GO Hanging Baskets

Virtual Tour

Take a quick tour and see items that we often have in stock.

Virtual Tour

Take a quick tour and see items that we often have in stock.

Ken's Garden Center Virtual Tour #1
Ken's Garden Center Virtual Tour #2

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