Chicks Arriving Week of 4/19/2021

Arriving the Week of April 19th


The information below is the name of the type of chicken, on average how many eggs they will lay in a year, and the size and color of the eggs.


1. Golden Comet will lay 250-320 brown, extra large eggs each year


2. Black Lace Silver Wyandotte will lay 180 to 260 medium, brown eggs per year.


3. Easter Eggers will lay up to 200-280 large/XL,  pale to dark blue eggs per year.


4. Red Sex Link will lay  200 to 280 large, light brown eggs per year.

Chicks Arriving Week of 4/19/2021

Type of Chicken
  • Ken's Garden Center will carry all the supplies needed to care for your chicks. 

    It is important to have all of the supplies prior to the arrival of your chicks.

    Brooders and Accesories, Medications, Electrolytes, Probiotics, Feeders and Waterers, Food, Grit, etc.....

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